Plague of Evil?

Dissociative identity disorder, formerly referred to as multiple personality disorder, is characterized by a person’s identity fragmenting into two or more distinct personality states. People with this condition are often victims of severe abuse.

DID is characterized by a person’s identity fragmenting into two or more distinct personality states. These “alters” may be as different as night and day, such as a happy cheerleader versus a depressed nurse. They may also be similar to the person’s “normal self.” This condition occurs when people have been exposed to a prolonged period of severe abuse or trauma.

There are so many misconceptions about DID that I thought it time someone opened up a dialogue. In the last year I have come across this phenomenon in over 10 different people. For the first part of the year I was vaguely aware of it and had thought perhaps one or two people from my past had it but nothing conclusive. Then It starting popping up all around me.

Several people I care about have experienced something terrible in their early childhood. The information I have read states that it has to happen before the age of 8 to 10 ish before a child’s personality is completely formed. No two cases are the same and I don’t know if the science backs up that claim but I can say that a rather large segment of Dr’s won’t issue a diagnosis.

Excerpts from Natasha Tracy, an excellent writer on a number of mental health related issues. She can be found here.

Dissociative Disorders in the DSM-5

The latest version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) defines four types of dissociative disorders:

  • Dissociative amnesia (with a possible sub diagnosis of dissociative fugue, which involves confused wandering with amnesia) – an inability to recall important information to the extent that it cannot be explained by normal forgetfulness.
  • Dissociative identity disorder – characterized by two or more identities or personality traits within a single individual.
  • Depersonalization/derealisation disorder – major detachment wherein a person feels that objects around him or her are changing in shape or size or that people are automated and inhuman. A person may also feel detached from his or her own body.
  • Other dissociative identity disorder not specified – a dissociative disorder that doesn’t fall specifically into one of the other three diagnoses.

Dissociative identity disorder (DID), as a diagnosis, is controversial. People sometimes ask, is dissociative identity disorder real? While many healthcare professionals believe it to be genuine, to the point where it is listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5) (the book used to guide all psychiatric diagnoses), other professionals feel it doesn’t exist and should be removed from the DSM-5. According to a 1999 study, only 21% of board-certified American psychiatrists felt that there was strong evidence for DID’s scientific validity and 58% of surveyed psychiatrists were either skeptical of the diagnosis or felt it should be removed from the DSM-5 altogether. ( Updated: January 12, 2022 NATASHA TRACY

Medically reviewed by Harry Croft, MD )

Now that is fucked up to me. Only 21%.? I’m sure there are cases where an individual is faking to possibly get a disability diagnosis or maybe to cover up bad decisions .But all of them are faking? That’s what 58 percent of our psychiatrists think? I find it infuriating as fuck that some poor child was ritually abused to the point that their brain needed to create an amnesia wall to protect this child from remembering or experiencing this any more and some fucking guy who read alot of books, went to harvard lived a great life, That fuck is gonna look the now grown up child in the face, after they just tried to explain what they went through, and say “Yeah sorry not buying it. I don’t think your drunk uncle pulled out his penis and made you touch it. I don’t think he then suggested you play a game called how many licks does it take? I also don’t believe that the games got more and more graphic as you got older. I don’t believe all this started when you were only 4 and went on till you hit puberty. Taking all of your virginities. Then telling you that you were too old at 12 and thank God you had a little sister, I certainly don’t believe that you murdered your uncle to protecrt your sister. I think you’re a sociopath, that you have always been one and that you will be a resident of our facility the rest of your life. I can’t let you be among normal people. You might hurt someone.”

While I literally just made up that scenario I can almost guarantee that someone lived that experience. What a fucking insult to that girl. To be repeatedely raped, sodomized, and no adult in her life ever believed her is tragic and unacceptable.. To be traumatized like that and not be believed is among our world’s greatest tragedies and I just don’t understand how “Doctor” can be so derelict of duty, Good Lord I need to take a break and step away from the keyboard. I’m so angry..It’s a righteous anger I believe. …

Deep Breath Ray….Ok I am back it’s been 36 ish hours to step away and think through the above scenario.Is it necessary to swear? I ask myself. “Do I need to be so graphic in the description? I ask the voices in my head.

“Fuck Yes….” That is the resounding answer that came back. We should be angry. Why is no one else angry for the innocent children? Who will stand in the gap for them if not you. So I stand, one angry man with an undetermined number of innocents within. I raise my fist in the air to all of you learned men and women who claim to be doctors of medicine, if indeed you are doctors and have taken the creed of doing no harm. I then proclaim you to be derelict of duty, a traitor of the patients whose care you swore to protect. Fuck you in the name of all that is right and holy. I don’t understand the pathos that drives people to abuse children or the leadership that protects and sweeps under the rug. Yes Catholic Church I now focus my considerable anger and the wrath of a thousand Attila’s to say you will atone. Not at my hand unfortunately. I am a non violent mostly chill individual. But I don’t believe I would blink at standing in front of each guilty pedophile priest with a loaded 44 and squeezing off one round, stepping left, squeezing another round….repeating until they all lay dead. Then leaving their corpses to rot and be meals for vultures and feral cats. Until nothing remained except maroon stain as a warning to those that would consider such horrific actions. We will no longer accept these animals as having a place in society. I dare someone to defend these miscreants of humanity 

I really planned on a calm closing to this article. If this article has shaken you up then I have done my job. If you’re just plain bored by such reading then I’m not sure what to tell you. You clearly don’t have empathy. If however you have found your emotions stirred up then let’s continue to talk to each other about possible solutions. I don’t usually talk about problems that I don’t have solutions for because that just sounds like complaining especially when everyone is aware of the problem. This is different. The general population is unaware of this on a level that would make them take action. But there is so much abuse in the world that their estimates of less than 1% of the population seem ridiculously low. Another issue is our systems do the work so expertly that to many they have no idea of a trauma or alternate personality existing. We can’t continue to sweep this problem under the rug. We can’t do like the Catholic church has by just sending a pedophile priest to another state, another parish so that he can continue to traumatize children.

How has the Pope continued to condone this behavior? Have you ever seen the throne he sits on? Well it’s part of a sculpture allegedly done to honor victims of the holocost but it truly looks like a horde of demons bursting forth. While you approach and kneel before his majesty, kissing his ring,  and say, bless you my son or daughter,. Fuck you man…you are the personification of evil and all that is wrong in the world. You rule over your “kingdom”, you have an army, your own secret spy rings, more gold than most nations, and you’re a holy man. Bullshit. You don’t speak for Jesus, you don’t represent him and you are an unnecessary thing to the world. If you are a mediator to some celestial being I assure it isn’t God to whom you speak. Look at your fucking fruit man. The fruit from your tree is rotten and poisonous to the soul. Time to be done with the charade. Your version of history and spiritual matters is one that is self serving. Jesus washed the feet of his disciples and you have peasants kiss yours. To quote Roland Deshayne from Stephen King the Dark Tower Series I’ll end with this. 

“To the pope, priests, lawyers, doctors, elected officials, law enforcement and anyone harboring or defending those that harm children I say; You have forgotten the faces of your fathers and woe unto you have done these wicked things. I am coming for you , all of the forces of light are coming for you. Repent now or face a day of reckoning the likes of which will make you wish you had never been born.” The Gunslinger spoke with a voice that echoes of the walls of cathedrals and canyons that defied the laws of physics and permeated all of history and all of eternity with a decree that is true and rings as righteous in the hearts of all good men and women. The gunslinger hung his head and spoke once more in a hushed voice that cracked as he spoke, “To all of you children who have been harmed…I am , we are sorry, we have failed you and allowed a terrible evil to sweep this land of ours. But we have awoken from our sleep and we are here to defend you. Don’t be ashamed,out of the darkness into the light. Tell us your stories so that we may rain down upon the heads of the monsters who did this to you. We will be the hand of God. Swift and righteous and unwavering in our mission. God bless.”

With those words ringing in my ears I conclude this opening dialogue on the plague of evil we have allowed to take root. Thank you for reading and lets continue to raise our voice.

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