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What constitutes a “mural”?

A mural by definition is a painting that is done directly on a wall regardless of size or paint used by the artist.  Murals can vary in sizes from something as small as 8′ x 10′ to something as large as an entire side of a building.

Can A Mural Be Painted On Any Surface?

Yes!  Murals can be painted on a numerous surfaces ranging from concrete to wood, wallboard to canvas and even on certain types of wall paper. The possibilities are absolutely endless! 

How Long Does It Take To Paint A Wall Mural?

Painting a wall mural can take from anywhere from a couple of days to several months depending on size and detail in the painting. 

Do I Need To Get A Building Permit?

No. To have a mural painted, you will not need to obtain a “city building permit.” 

Will A Mural Increase The Value Of My Home? 

Yes! The value of a building will increase with at least the value of the commissioned mural providing it is painted directly on the wall surface. 

Should I Ask My Interior Designer To Be At The First Meeting?

Though this is a personal decision, working with a professional interior designer is advisable because they can properly coordinate furniture, carpet, window treatments, etc. with the mural.

How Much Does A Mural Cost? 

A custom hand painted mural’s cost depends upon several factors: Size, Complexity, Location, Surface and Detail.

To give you an idea of cost…an 8×10′ wall that is fairly detailed will run between $800 and $1800.

The lower amount for an interior flat surface wall with low detail and the higher amount for an interior heavily detailed wall.

For a general square foot price, please take a look at my wall mural pricing chart.

I will be happy to discuss all the considerations and choices that can help minimize your mural’s cost.

Can I reproduce your mural?

  • Please note that although you own the space to which a mural has been painted, you do not however own the copyright to the art work .  I am not sharing this information to sound arrogant or proud of my work but rather to inform you that it is not permissible to reproduce the art work you have received. All art work has a copyright, and cannot be reproduced for any purpose without prior written consent from the artist (Ray Baughman).  Just as you are not able to buy a canvas painting or even a printed work of art and reproduce it, because the copyright to that work of art does not belong to you, a mural obtains the same rules, it is just a much larger form of art and happens to be painted on a surface that belongs you. It is really quite simple if you conceder it for what it is (a work of art).  Reproduction of works of art without permission will result in legal actions and fines.  Please feel free to contact me if for any reason you are unsure regarding the copyright of your mural.

Thank you for considering a mural and I look forward to working with you.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have on the contract (it is open to changes and flexible)


Mural pricing is determined by four factors:

1. location and footage

2. cost of materials

3. intricacy of design

4. working conditions

The initial consultation is free. We will discuss the project so that you have a time and cost estimate. The customer will be shown sketches and design ideas to determine the exact design for their murals.


Once we have reached an agreement to start your mural, a contract will be presented which details work to be done and project start and end dates.

A 50% downpayment will be required at the start of the project. The deposit is used to purchase the supplies needed to complete your project and to schedule your murals

Once all the work has been completed, payment in full will be expected. (We can work out a payment plan.

Mural Cost:

The national cost for most murals run  $10-$50 per square foot.

Prices vary depending on the difficulty or intricacy of the design.

There may be additional charges depending on working conditions such as restricted hours of operation, cramped spaces or driving time and distance.

Pricing includes all materials. However, certain items, such as specialized equipment or scaffolding needed to complete the job will be added to the price of the paint cost estimate.

Before your wall mural project begins it will be assumed that there is a base coat of paint on the wall and a cleared work space.

Please move as much furniture out of the room as possible

Any prep painting, wall patching, or wall preparation will be an additional fee.

Prep painting may include filling holes in walls, texturizing and putting a primer or basecoat on the wall.

If you have a tight budget, to lower your cost, I suggest preparing the wall and painting the basecoat yourself.

Whether your project is big or modest, every mural is important to me and no job is too small for consideration. I’ll work with you to give you a great design for your budget. The majority of my projects tend to be above the $800 range. However, I am happy to scale my designs to suit smaller budgets.

For lower cost mural options, starting at the $200 price range, be sure to check out the inventive Mural Windows.

Some elements which play in the estimate of a mural’s price are the dimensions of the space, the style, and the amount of detail desired. We will be happy to discuss all the considerations and choices that can help minimize your mural’s cost.

How to Measure Square Footage:

Measure the length and height of the wall to be painted.  Multiply both numbers together.  That will give you the square footage to be painted.  To get a price estimate, multiply the square footage times the cost per square foot. Prices range from $10 to $20 per square foot for wall murals.

A 50 square foot wall at the lowest price (low detail) is $500.00.  At the highest price (high detail), the same wall would cost $1500.00.

Most children’s wall murals fall into the $10-$20 price range.

If you know your square footage already…check out the wall mural pricing chart.

Mural Pricing Chart

*This chart does not show all pricing or mural sizes, but just low, middle and high ranges.

* Other factors may contribute to the cost—-see bottom of chart for more information.

Basic fees run $10-$30 per sq. foot.

Prices include all Work and Materials.

*They do not include scaffolding charges nor out-of-town transportation and living Expenses.

Why does it cost so much?

After we talk on the phone or I visit your location, I spend time researching and designing the mural based on the clients needs. Average setup and cleanup of a project takes about 4 hours, the travel time and gas are considered, whether materials or equipment in addition to the the norm are needed. Let’s not forget the main thing you are paying for…..the artist’s talent!

I hope this chart is helpful in allowing you to guestimate mural charges. Thanks!

Prices include all Work and Materials.

*They do not include scaffolding charges nor out-of-town transportation and living Expenses.

Why does it cost so much?