We make art that comes to life.

Vince Krivda and Tim Lewis are the other two super talented artist pictured. I’m Ray Baughman and I look forward to sitting down and talking about music, art, and life with those two in the near future.

We connect creators of beautiful things with their fans.

Let us bring some light and love to your life through music, visual arts like painting or sculptures, theatre, the written word in all of its wonderful forms

Help me find the creators who need to be seen. The beautiful things being created often come at the price of some sort of pain experienced by the artist at some point in their life. Many adapt and create a life that is a miracle considering their earlier experiences. Some however don’t find the light at end of the tunnel. I have been blessed to be able to find something beautiful to be thankful for in each of my most painful times because I know they made me who I am. Its taken me 50 years to become comfortable with who I am. If your an artist and struggling to find peace please contact me. There is contact information below.

My goal in creating this is to build a community that is supportive of each other. Alone many of us do some great work and touch some lives but together we can change the world. The change starts here with me first. I have my fair share of challenges, and I am far from perfect but I am trying to be better today than I was yesterday. I will share more of my journey in the coming weeks and months. I look forward to connecting with you all.

This website and newsletter is not supposed to be a place for me to plug myself and to make sales of my artwork. As always, anything of mine is for sale. But I really want to talk about you guys and what projects you have going on.  The reason for starting this was to have a place that documents and shares the lives of artist who reside in the great state of Ohio.  Until I get some some other people on board it may look like its just the Art of Ray but That should be changing.

In the first issue I will be interviewing two of my favorite people. I will also look ahead to February as to what kinds of art shows, concerts etc, will be coming up. If you would like your event to be mentioned please send any information to [email protected] 

I know we have some writers in our group and I would love to include your pro tips for whatever your particular medium is. I will also have a Band that I choose to feature. The Bands and Artist do not necessarily have to live in Ohio. If they spend some time every year in our state then I figure they should be considered. Its not just about what artist from Ohio are doing in Ohio

My name is Ray Baughman and I am Ray from the Art of Ray. The art of Ray is far more than just the things I paint or create. Its the art of living a life of love for my fellow humans in a world that encourages us to be divided.  I am trying to unite us. Divided we fall. We need to find the common ground that exists within us all. We need to stop listening to the narrative that says if I Voted for so and so we can’t be friends. Or that you drink and I don’t so we can’t be friends. We live in a world with technology so advanced we can connect with anyone anywhere. If that is true than why are we more alone than ever?  I saw a thing on youtube where the guru basically says that within a generation or two 50 percent of deaths will be from suicide unless we create some change that places more value on love of self than love of stuff. I am not a saint nor do I think I have all the answers. I do know some things about some things but mostly I have failed more that most but in those failings I have learned more than most. Failure is the greatest teacher and we hide from it like it’s the boogeyman.  Fear of the unknown has crippled me in the past. Fear of what people think, Fear of failure and being judged unfairly by others has cost me many sleepless nights than any of the actual fallings ever did. All that being said I truly believe this will be a successful venture and I thank you all in advance for sharing and consuming the content that I provide. If you have thoughts or suggestions please send them to [email protected]

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